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Zimbabweans are the most resilient people you can ever come across

This statement is one of the first things any person who has ever visited Zimbabwe tells you about the people of Zimbabwe. If you want to know the secret behind this said “resilience”? In a land where jobs, electricity, and even basic water are scarce resources, the people of Zimbabwe have crafted unconventional ways of getting by. Zimbabwean people have a way to make things that seemingly don’t work to work. That is what we are popular for.

Young and old, poor or poor, everyone has to make a living. There is no time to retire as there is nothing to retire to. You don’t get your bucket to fetch water you will die of thirst waiting for the tap to run.

Due to Covid 19 schools are running at half-mast and formal business has been hit hard, some to the point of near collapse that has given rise to pop up businesses. Informal business employs a larger proportion of the country’s citizens. Business-person has become a loosely used word because literally everyone is a business-person in their own understanding.

Zimbabwe is nothing but a hustler’s world; everyone is walking towards looking for their next meal.

Welcome to Zimbabwe, where everyone is an entrepreneur.




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