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Welcome to ‘A Thousand Words’. This a creative photography-storytelling blog will focus on exhibiting images captured during and after the lockdown in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe whilst offering both professional photo journalists and less established novices an opportunity and independent platform to show case their works and tell their stories.

This week we kick off our exhibitions we showcase the work of SaDee Lenswork

Mhondiwa Mhepo popularly known as SaDee is the creative director of SaDee Lensworks, a visual production company based in Bulawayo. With a background of theatre, the three-time Bulawayo Arts Award Outstanding photographer nominee and one time winner has been able to merge his artistic experience to photography, videography and editing; bringing out vivid pictures that capture the moment the most realistic manner.
The 38 year old Bulawayo based photographer has been in the photography industry for the past 9years putting much emphasis on the arts and entertainment scenery. This was motivated by the lack of visual and artistic content that covered the narrative media space in a clear manner.
SaDee Lenswork envisions itself as the go to hub for up and coming photographers in the next coming 5 years as the core focus of the company is to amplify the talent at a grassroots level and creating opportunities to the merging and talented photographers.

To experience these exciting and humane stories, click on the images below.